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5 things to consider while picking a real estate agent

Buying a house can be really stressful. Apart from spending a huge amount of money, you have to understand complicated procedures and take many, many decisions. Picking a real estate agent is one of the first of these crucial decisions, and we’ve outlined 5 things you should consider while doing so:
Local knowledge: Pick an agent who knows the area well and preferably lives in the area. Perhaps it is intuition that comes from living there, perhaps it is experience, but agents with local knowledge will work out best for you.
Referrals: If someone you know has already worked with the agent you are considering, ask how their experience was. If you don’t know anyone who has, ask the agent if you can speak to former clients.
Commissions: Ask the agent about the commission they are entitled to from the sellers. You should expect a clear answer. It does not necessarily need to be low; transparency is the important factor.
Peripheral knowledge: You will need information about loans, stamp duties, legal issues and a horde of other things. Most real estate agents will be willing to give you this information: steer clear of those who seem unsure.
Agreements in writing: Always ask to have all agreements in writing. Do not trust an agent who refuses to write any agreement down.
That’s it – make that one crucial decision right and buying property doesn’t need to be harrowing.

Mobile Web Development

The number of people who access the internet on their mobile phones is only growing – as smartphones become ubiquitous, having a mobile website has become essential to your business.

How is a mobile website different from a regular website?

A mobile website is designed considering these attributes of mobile web browsing:
1. Smaller screens
2. Handheld interfaces
3. Touchscreens
4. Slower internet speeds

What kinds of mobile websites are there?

These are the two main kinds of mobile websites, and which one you should get depends on your audience:
Responsive design website : A responsive design website adjusts to the screen or interface it is accessed on.

So for example, the website will look slightly different when accessed on a tablet and a laptop computer. You will not have to build separate websites for every kind of screen.

Adaptive website: An adaptive website implies that you build a separate website for mobile screens. This is a viable option in case you are happy with your current website and don’t want to overhaul it just to make it compatible with mobile.

An adaptive website also lets you have greater control over the kind of functionalities and content you want on your mobile website.
Again, your needs will determine which kind of mobile website you should pick – do you expect website visitors to contact you, make purchases or just gather information? Does your industry require your website to be elegant or simple?

Why hire an agency to build a mobile website?

1. An agency consults you on which kind of website you require, after understanding your audience.
2. An agency does thorough research before it begins to build a website – this ensures a successful, well liked website!
3. An agency saves you the trouble of learning the ins and outs of the mobile web market.
4. An agency, due to its experience, knows what works and what doesn’t – you don’t need to experiment with your website.
5. The best agencies also offer SEO integration for your websites, which saves you a world of inconvenience and time.
6. An agency that has an in-house design team can also promise an aesthetically pleasing website that doesn’t compromise on speed or functionality.

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